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Publications and Reports

Disease prediction models are becoming more accurate thanks to the computational methods (8.10.2018)

Genetic data under control and in the desired format (11.9.2018)

Massive data management project: Finns’ heredity is collected and safeguarded (23.8.2018)

Half of all drug ingredients affect only three protein families (14.6.2018)

Looking for a good drug (12.6.2018)

Quick DNA analysis of patient samples with artificial intelligence (29.5.2018)

Secrets of intestines (7.5.2018)

Algorithm determines the appropriate drug (4.4.2018)

Bank of million patient samples (19.3.2018)

Mapping the genomes of all organisms enables the development of new vaccines and medicines (20.2.2018)

Ordered and secured (7.2.2018)

Striving for a national service to utilise genomic data in health care (2.11.2017)

Better harvests on the horizon? Data will also be collected in the future (11.8.2017)

Microbes and climate change (19.6.2017)

Storing the whole genome of the Finnish population? The data will benefit disease research (21.5.2017)

”Smart life insurances” 0ffered: human biological data is only useful when interpreted correctly (6.4. 2017)

New drug molecules through determining the structure of proteins (15.1.2016)

BBMRI.fi: an IT infrastructure for shared biobanks (26.10.2015)

Fighting cancer with mathematics (24.9.2015)

Saimaa Ringed Seal aids the study of population genomes (10.8.2015)

Webmicroscope stores tissue samples in the cloud (1.8.2015)

Pups and Pooches Behind Genetic Discoveries in Human Diseases Canine Genetic Research Benefits from ELIXIR Databases (15.7.2015)

Life sciences in European cloud (5.6.2015)