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BioSB RNA- seq data analysis course (5th edition) Mon 07- 09.09.2015 Leiden, Netherlands

ELIXIR Curation Hackathon I :. Registration of Tools & Data Services November 19 - 21, CBS-DTU, Denmark

ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum: Turning big data into growth. University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Nov 24-25, 2014

ELIXIR Denmark - First Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference, Odense, Denmark, Aug 27-28, 2015

The EMBO conference: "The biochemistry and chemistry of biocatalysis: From understanding to design" June 12 (Sunday) to June 15 (Wednesday) 2016, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland.

CSC cPouta Cloud Course 01.06.2015

ELIXIR Suomen keskuksen avajaiset 4.5.2015

How to Utilize New CSC Computing Resources in Your Research 19.8 2014

Internal Workshop on Membranes - From Fundamentals to Applications 19.8-22.8 2014

Schrödinger workshop for computational modeling of protein-ligand interactions and biologics 4.4.2014

CSC Spring School in Bioinformatics 31.3-3.4.2014

14th SocBiN annual conference in bioinformatics 11-13.6.2014

BioMedBridges RDF Workshop 29-30.4.2014

ICRI 2014, 2-4.4.2014

2nd BiomedBridges Annual General meeting 10-12.3 2014

ELIXIR Founding Ceremony and Launch Event 18.12.2013

ELIXIR UK Training Workshop 4.10.2013

Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations in Helsinki 2.10.2013

ISMB-ECCB 21.6.2013

INSTRUCT Biannual Conference 22.5.2013

ESFRI Workshop on EU Structural Funds 15.5.2013

Bio-IT world Europe

Bioinformatics with large data-sets

BioMedBridges Kick-off Meeting

EUDAT User Forum

ICRI 2012

Next generation sequencing data analysis with Chipster

Next generation sequencing data analysis with Chipster

Next generation sequencing data analysis with R/Bioconductor

ESOF 2012


Seminar at HY/Vi: New CSC computing resources

Seminar at OY/BL: New CSC computing resources

Seminar at HY/Meilahti: New CSC computing resources

Iaas in Life Science Research

CoPoRi Exchange of Experience Workshop

CSC Winter School in Bioinformatics 2013


Marine Biotech conference

ELIXIR-UK/GOBLET Training Workshop

Next generation sequencing data analysis with Chipster


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