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REMS (Resource Entitlement Management System), developed by CSC, is a tool that can be used to manage researchers’ access rights to bioinformatics databases. Through REMS, researchers can apply for access to research data, and the owners of the rights to the materials can process the received applications and manage access rights. Users log into REMS, for example, through the HAKA user identification system. After logging in, users can search for data resources. REMS transfers the application to the owner of the resource for approval and reports on the rights granted.

The Finnish ELIXIR node supports logging in and access rights management through the HAKA system, which is a federated authentication service. The HAKA system is used in REMS, which is an access rights management interface. The REMS tool developed by CSC enables the owners of data materials to facilitate the implementation of the materials. This tool can be used in Europe for biomedical materials through ELIXIR. REMS can also be used in other branches of science, such as social sciences and language studies.

HAKA is a user identification system developed by Finnish universities and CSC. Even if the service is located on the server of another organisation, the user name and password of your own university may be used to log into the service. The eduGAIN is used in Europe.