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Bioinformatics calls for a lot of constantly updated courses and analysis software to support the work of researchers

Laboratory technologies evolve all the time. New measurement instruments are producing a huge amount of data that needs to be analysed correctly.

For several years, ELIXIR Finland’s training coordinator, Eija Korpelainen, has been teaching researchers to analyse data.“Life science and medical degrees don’t include much data analysis studies. However, the use of modern measurement techniques requires solid data analysis skills, which is why we give courses at CSC. Different types of data require different analysis methods, so a number of courses are required. ELIXIR also organises courses for trainers.”

The content and teaching material of these courses are available via ELIXIR’s TeSS training portal. The portal includes bioinformatics courses offered by ELIXIR’s member organisations. Courses and course material are also provided by non-ELIXIR organisations.

“We must regularly update existing courses and develop new ones,” says Eija Korpelainen, who goes on to explain that keeping up with bioinformatics methods is both challenging and interesting.

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