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COVID-19 data was analysed on the CSC’s LUMI supercomputer

The aim of the BeYond-COVID project (By-COVID) is to make COVID-19 data collected in different European countries available to researchers, hospitals and public administrations.

A portal with COVID-19 data is available on the By-COVID project website.

The project is coordinated by the ELIXIR infrastructure, whose member organisation EMBL-EBI has compiled the main coronavirus datasets on the portal. Researchers can use the portal to analyse the COVID-19 reference data. It contains more than 8 million COVID sequences.

The Research Council of Finland funded the Finnish ELIXIR Node’s CSC experiment, where data from the CSC portal was analysed and tested on the Finnish LUMI supercomputer. The work supports the By-COVID project: an important role of the CSC is to promote the use of supercomputers in data-intensive computing.

According to Tommi Nyrönen, Director of the ELIXIR Finland node, the project overcame many of the technical challenges of data management.

“Computational work at the EMBL-EBI European Bioinformatics Institute enabled the analysis of the COVID-19 viral data, and this work was done in collaboration with experts from the CSC and EMBL-EBI. With European supercomputing, we can now transfer hundreds of thousands of virus data points daily between computing centres with the help of European research networks.”

As a result, the capacity of a supercomputer will be needed in the future to analyse all the data.

“This is essential for a rapid response in the event of a new pandemic, and also to update the data available on the COVID-19 portal.”

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