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CSC builds a database of pathological data

The ELIXIR Node in Finland, CSC, is working together with the universities of Linköping and Uppsala to build a database of pathological data, consisting of a secure authorisation mechanism for receiving and storing pathological images and data that describe them. The data description also plays a key part in the authorisation process. BIGPICTURE relies on ELIXIR AAI’s technologies regarding the authorisation of imaging data. The organisations taking part in the project are committed to producing and sharing image data.

The six-year BIGPICTURE project that began in February 2021 will collect three million scanned, digital pathology slides from various European hospitals, research organisations and pharmaceutical companies.

BIGPICTURE is a European consortium, the purpose of which is to create a secure storage place and platform under European data security principles. Whole slide images and machine learning algorithms can be stored in the platform, enabling image analysis by means of artificial intelligence.

The project is participated in by 45 organisations from 15 countries. Finland’s contribution to the project is provided by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), mainly through the Helsinki Biobank, and CSC – IT Center for Science.

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CSC – IT Center for Science

is a non-profit, state-owned company administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture. CSC maintains and develops the state-owned, centra- lised IT infrastructure.





builds infrastructure in support of the biological sector. It brings together the leading organisations of 21 Euro- pean countries and the EMBL European Molecular Bio- logy Laboratory to form a common infrastructure for biological information. CSC – IT Center for Science is the Finnish centre within this infrastructure.