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Genomic data management services available as part of the ELIXIR infrastructure

Biotechnology research produces a huge volume of data, and the amount doubles every few months. That is why data management requires sophisticated tools. BC Platforms offers information systems for the management of genomic data.

BC Platforms’ two information systems, BC I Genome and BC I Insight, are available in the ELIXIR infrastructure through the Finnish ELIXIR node CSC. Research groups have their own virtual server with BC Platforms’ databases and tools. Virtual servers operate on CSC’s computing platform and, if necessary, the ePouta cloud service with increased level of information security. “We digitise the genetic data into a format that researchers can use in their analyses. It can then be combined with other data, such as clinical or patient data”, says Anita Eliasson, Director of Administration and Development at BC Platforms.

Genetic data is increasingly being used in patient care and the industry. This is a great help for example in cancer treatments. The patient can be treated in the correct way from the start, saving time and money.

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