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One of the most comprehensive human genome simulations in the world

The genomes of one million europeans were simulated with CSC’s LUMI supercomputer.  The dataset was anonymized, so there is no unique and identifiable data. The goal is to create federated management that transcends national boundaries and gives access to national genomic archives. The simulation was done for the EU’s 1+MG Initiative. In 2018, the EU published the 1+Million Genomes (1+MG) Initiative, with an ambitious goal of collecting data covering the genomes of one million Europeans. The project was one of the biggest of its type in the world, with 27 countries participating.

“1+MG synthetic data project, from my viewpoint, the unique challenge was how we can create an effective simulation of a population which in its final generation includes a million people and corresponds in all its properties – in terms of genome, data formats and size – to genuine genomic data which, when simulated, is freely shareable without data security issues.,” says associate professor Tero Hiekkalinna of THL.

He was part of the simulation project group together with Markus Perola from THL and Joseph Terwilliger from the Univeristy of Columbia.

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