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Sensitive Data (SD) services for Research: SD Connect and SD Desktop

SD Connect is a service for collecting and storing sensitive research data during the active phase of a research project while SD Desktop users can directly access and manage that data in a virtual computing environment. The services are accessible via a web user interface, from the user’s own computer.

”Once users upload their sensitive data to CSC, these data are always kept encrypted when stored, transferred or processed within our services.  Decryption is done only when data is made available for authorised users within the SD Desktop service”, says Francesca Morello from the Finnish ELIXIR node, CSC.

”Researchers can access the workspace with just a few clicks. While SD services are suitable for managing sensitive data from any research field, we are working on further facilitating the use of the services, from fully automating data encryption to streamlining the computing environment customisation.”

The services are available to researchers and students affiliated with Finnish academic organisations, research institutes, and their international collaborators. Using CSC services requires to register a CSC account. While SD Connect and SD Desktop have been designed to facilitate collaboration between organisations, the data is always stored in CSC’s cloud services in Finland.

Data is stored in CSC:s Allas and ePouta platforms. Metadata can be sent outside Finland.

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CSC – IT Center for Science

is a non-profit, state-owned company administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture. CSC maintains and develops the state-owned, centralised IT infrastructure.





builds infrastructure in support of the biological sector. It brings together the leading organisations of 21 European countries and the EMBL European Molecular Biology Laboratory to form a common infrastructure for biological information. CSC – IT Center for Science is the Finnish centre within this infrastructure.