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CSC Services for Research


CSC – IT Center for Science operates the ELIXIR Finland node and provides comprehensive scientific computing, data management and analysis services and solutions for life science researchers. Most of them are free-of-charge for Finnish academic researchers, but usually a CSC user account is required.

ELIXIR Finland services also for international users


CSC’s services are available for life sciences researchers affiliated to Finnish research organisations. In addition ELIXIR Finland offers the following services to international users on the basis of a node agreement.

ELIXIR Compute

  • REMS Resource Entitlement Management System developed by ELIXIR Finland, is a tool to manage access rights to bioinformatics research databases and resources.
  • ELIXIR Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure enables researches to use a single user account to access all ELIXIR services they have been granted access. Read more about ELIXIR AAI.
  • ELIXIR Commissioned Infrastructure Service with ELIXIR CZ
    • European federated identity and access management (i.e. ELIXIR AAI) services for multiple relying parties and thousands of researchers is co-operated by Finland and Czech Republic.


The Finnish ELIXIR node CSC organises a wide range of bioinformatics courses in scientific computing, data management, identity and access management technologies and information networks. International users are welcome in ELIXIR Training organised by ELIXIR Finland. You can find ELIXIR Training organised by CSC in

CSC Training and Events Calendar

ELIXIR’s Training Portal TeSS lists bioinformatics courses arranged in Europe and can also be used to search for links to the training materials of previously held courses.

ELIXIR Training portal TeSS


Chipster – data-analytics

Chipster is a user-friendly analysis software for high-throughput data such as single cell RNA-sequencing. It contains over 400 analysis tools and a large collection of reference genomes. Users can save and share automatic analysis workflows, and visualize data interactively.

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