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SISu Data Sources

Finnish sample collections are significant for studying the hereditary causes of diseases. Thanks to the SISu project, the data on genetic variation in Finns has been compiled into one database. The open information on genetic ancestry available at sisuproject.fi is unique even on a global scale.

The long-term goal is to create an extensive pool of data that includes anonymous information on the health of the participants in addition to genomic data. By utilising this information, doctors are able to obtain more specific information on the patient’s risk of disease by comparing his/her genomic and health data to the information based on the SISu pool of data.

SISu (Sequencing Initiative Suomi) is a database on the genome of the Finnish people. The first version containing data on the genetic markers of 3,325 Finns is now freely available to researchers and doctors (www.sisuproject.fi). The genomes of as many as 9,000 Finns have already been sequenced and the genomes of tens of thousands will be sequenced in the next few years. The genetic data of 30,000 Finns and 30 million genetic markers will be entered into the database. A more extensive database will better serve patients and the doctors treating them, as well as researchers investigating predisposing factors for diseases and seeking new treatments. Furthermore, Finnish genetic data will remain in Finland.

The eSISu project (e-Infrastructure for Sequencing Initiative Finland) securely stores the details in Finnish genomes, that is, gene variations. By analysing variations, new information on hereditary diseases can be discovered. Read article here.

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