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The eSISu project securely stores the details in Finnish genomes to improve investigating hereditary diseases

The Academy of Finland funded a project in which the licensed and protected data were will be transferred to Finnish biobanks. It will significantly contribute to the study of genetic diseases. Aarno Palotie‘s and Samuli Ripatti’s research teams from the University of Helsinki’s Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine (FIMM) and Finnish IT Center for Science, CSC, started transferring data back to Finland from the genome sequencing centres in St. Louis and Boston.

The eSISu project (e-Infrastructure for Sequencing Initiative Finland) securely stores the details in Finnish genomes, that is, genevariations. By analysing variations, new information on hereditary diseases can be discovered. The purpose of the SISu project (Sequencing Initiative Finland) is to aggregate genomics into a form that benefits best Finnish doctors and researchers. To date, the full genome of thousands of Finns and the protein-encoding parts of the genomes of almost 30,000 Finns have been determined. Read more here.