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A Versatile Computing Platform for Life and Health Sciences

ELIXIR has built researchers a versatile computing platform that includes a number of important services. Once authorised to use the platform, a researcher can make use not only of the computing features, but also various data sources, in addition to storing, transferring and analysing data. All services are combined into a seamless workflow.

Elixir Computing Platform is a geographically distributed platform in which ELIXIR centres act in concert to provide services for the management of biological data. The centres operate independently, but are brought together by the Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) with which cloud services, and computing, storage and data transfer services can be coordinated. Researchers log into the system, which checks their electronic identity and allows the appropriate level of access to biomedical data. Researchers can then create a secure analysis environment for their software. Data is stored on the European compute cloud platform. The operating environment also helps groups of researchers to create scalable services.

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