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Finnish biobank operators discuss IT matters

Biobank operators convened at CSC to discuss national cooperation at the IT day for biobanks on 2 May 2018. Finnish biobanking operations have become significantly more active. BBMRI.fi National Coordinator and Docent Anu Jalanko stated that, in 2017, there were already more than 300 ongoing biobank studies in Finland.

BBMRI.fi is an infrastructure that provides strategic support for biomedical research, health care as well as drug and product development for nursing. There are 10 biobanks in Finland, 9 of which are closely involved in the BBMRI.fi cooperation.

The Finnish Biobank Cooperative – FINBB is a cooperative established by six hospital districts and six universities to serve and act as a service coordinator for its biobank customers.

In her opening remarks, Anu Jalanko said that the services and functions of BBMRI.fi and FINBB will be fully integrated, meaning that ICT services will also be harmonised.