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Interested in a research visit to Europe or inviting a researcher to your group?

HPC-Europa3 programme can cover the costs (flights, accommodation, commuting, computational resources, a small daily allowance – exact details depend on the country of visit). Visits can target nine European countries (DE, ES, FI, GR, IR, IT, NL, UK, SE) to collaborate in a research project of your choice. The project must make use of computing resources. Visit duration is between 3-13 weeks. Hundreds of visits have already been done and almost a thousand research groups can be browsed in the host list. If your group wants to receive visitors, you can sign up as a host in the online portal.

The program is an excellent opportunity to build or strengthen international collaboration. Visitors can be from all levels from master students to professors and be affiliated to an academic or a research institute or an SME. Hosts can similarly be from from either academia or industry, as long as the research results can be published.

The application is fast and easy to fill online and acceptance rate is high. The proposed research needs to use computing resources, but in addition to running production jobs the work can also consist of e.g. consultation, code development or porting, benchmarking, data analysis, training or establishing an academic link. To summarize, a successful research project requires the use of computational resources and benefits from the collaborators being together. Within life sciences there are many methods requiring computational resources: docking, molecular dynamics, sequencing analyses, … Examples of completed projects can be browsed at the “visitor area” http://www.hpc-europa.eu/visitors

Too good to be true? 100% of the visitors have been either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” for their visit until now. Read a summary of the first 18 months including what the visitors and hosts wanted to say: https://www.csc.fi/web/atcsc/-/hpc-europa3-travel-learn-compute-and-collaborate

The next deadline for applications is in less than two weeks, by 19th September (the visit should start between November-February) but there will be four application deadlines every year until 2021 if you want to visit/host a visitor later, or make another visit. More information and link to online application form:

If you have any questions, like if your research qualifies for HPCE3, please contact us at staff@hpc-europa.org

On behalf of the HPCE3 team,