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Finnish User Cases

First series of the Finnish user cases compiled into a book


ELIXIR, European infrastructure for life science information, is committed to organising and sustaining life science data to facilitate its interpretation. ELIXIR allows, for example, secure processing of human data by using information technology innovations that prevent illegal use of data. ELIXIR has 22 members, 21 countries and the EMBL – European Molecular Biology Laboratory. ELIXIR consists of nearly 200 organisations, which form a federation of trusted parties. In the beginning of 2017, with the help of the ELIXIR infrastructure, 21,000 scientific articles have been published and 8,500 patents have been granted.
These include patents for vaccines, biomarkers, enzymes and prevention of the Ebola virus.

Download this book, which showcases Finnish user cases of ELIXIR during the years 2014-2018. The ELIXIR node in Finland is operated by the CSC – IT Center for Science. In 2018, ELIXIR Finland supports more than 300 life science research projects, many of them publicly funded.