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Modelling cells and simulating how they work gives a boost to personalised treatment plans

The PerMedCoEproject combines clinical patient data with data related to the operation of genes, proteins and cells. The goal is to develop tools that can be used in precision medicine. The modelling of cells in detail is, however, a major undertaking, requiring a lot of computing power by supercomputers.

CSC – IT Center for Science and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), alongside ten other academic and commercial players, kicked off in October 2020 a European Commission Centre of Excellence a project called HPC/Exascale Center of Excellence for Personalised Medicine (PerMedCoE). The project develops cell-level modelling software suitable for high-performance computing. Thanks to high-performance computing, biological data such as genomics and proteomics can be made part of precision medicine, because data can be analysed much faster. Diagnoses, for example, should in future be possible to make within hours or days. PerMedCoE is part of the ELIXIR Finland’s development programme.

The results and tools of PerMedCoE are open to all researchers.

“When the project ends in summer 2023, we will have updated versions of modelling tools developed from open source code, and these will be made available to the research community. The project will also create new expertise to support the use of precision medicine tools in CSC computing environments,” says Jesse Harrison from CSC.

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CSC – IT Center for Science

is a non-profit, state-owned company administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture. CSC maintains and develops the state-owned, centralised IT infrastructure.





builds infrastructure in support of the biological sector. It brings together the leading organisations of 21 European countries and the EMBL European Molecular Biology Laboratory to form a common infrastructure for biological information. CSC – IT Center for Science is the Finnish centre within this infrastructure.